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Should female ginkgos be illegal?

A golden carpet greeted me by the library as I walked to my office in Wilson. The ginkgo leaves had fallen all at once in Monday night’s hard freeze. We have an entire plaza of ginkgos there, glistening like yellow … Continue reading

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Boy scouts, do something good, don’t just beg

The laziest form of charity is taking something from someone else and then giving it to the needy. There is a little effort in gathering, but most charities make better use of money than of dented cans and expired macaroni … Continue reading

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Lab hike at Cuivre River State Park

    Are your best friends in your lab group? Are there lots of friendships and activities in the group? If so, it sure makes all that pipetting go more smoothly, not to mention struggling with R or finding true significance … Continue reading

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Halloween in St. Louis is for the jokes

Did you know the children tell jokes? Can you believe this was our third Halloween here already, although last year I was in Finland? The jokes the children tell are not good jokes.  Here are a few.   Why do … Continue reading

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Searching for frost flowers at Rockwoods Range

Frost flowers explode out of dying plants at the first hard freeze. I learned about them from our campus Record. Alan Templeton has some wonderful photos of frost flowers and knows just where to find them. The only thing is … Continue reading

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Manila Bistro in Kirkwood

I don’t get the way restaurants here serve the rice all broken on a lettuce leaf, but if the rest is great, it should be OK. Here at Manila Bistro we won half the time. The pinakbet was delicious. I … Continue reading

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A bald eagle at Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park

We didn’t have time to go far, so a mile and a half loop above the Meramec River just off 270 and 44 sounded perfect. It wasn’t so easy to get to since we had to loop east on 44 … Continue reading

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