Table, a restaurant serving food, heavily salted

Did you ever go to a restaurant in the evening and find that the next morning you had gained three pounds? Guess what? You didn’t. You simply are salt overloaded and carrying around the water it retains. Your weight will be back to normal after a day or so.

Sometimes I feel like the only honest restaurant in St. Louis was Salt, now closed. At least it was up front about the problem with the fancy restaurants I have visited here, a real contrast to those in Houston. These problems are too much salt and too much fat, no matter what you order.

Last night we dined at Table. I guess St. Louis goes in for the simple names. We are in job candidate interviewing season at Wash U, so will be dining out a fair amount in the next few weeks. Table originally had the concept of everyone eating together. I like that idea, though couldn’t imagine how it would work with a job candidate. Not to worry, we had our own table.

I ordered the onion soup, the vegetarian hash, and the chocolate pudding, and tried the biscuit, the mac and cheese, and the cake. It all tasted fine, though the soup was tepid and the vegetarian hash needed help. I chose hot sauce. But there was that salt factor, easy to taste, and easy to see the effects the next day on the scales.

Also, this chef has some attitude. One person in our party did not want a soft sunny side up egg in the hash, but wanted the egg cooked hard. It is what any microbiologist should want. The chef refused, saying the soft egg was what bound the hash together. The chef did agree a substitution of a deviled egg, but insisted it be served earlier. Whatever. By the way, the single soft egg was insufficient to sauce up the hash. Yelp also had a review that said the chef refused to cook two eggs over hard for someone’s kids at breakfast. What gives?

A couple hours after we got home my husband had severe digestive upset. I had a gurgly queasy feeling that never quite got to the eruption stage. Was it the tepid soup? Was it the runny egg? Unlikely for the latter since my husband only had a small taste of my hash. Of course with everything that is going around right now it could have been something entirely different.


About Joan E. Strassmann

Evolutionary biologist, studies social behavior in insects & microbes, interested in education, travel, birds, tropics, nature, food; biology professor at Washington University in St. Louis
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