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Crocuses and witch hazel at the Missouri Botanical Garden

  Most of the last snowfall has melted. The skies are gray, white, or blue.  Nearly everything else is some tone of brown or tan. But it is worth getting outside, perhaps at the Missouri Botanical Gardens where the crocuses … Continue reading

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How the orchid show disappoints at the Missouri Botanical Garden

This is exactly how The Missouri Botanical Garden publicizes their orchid show this year: “Orchid Show: Madagascar.” If you read the fine print, you get this: “Delight in the sights and sounds of tropical Madagascar while viewing the Garden’s world-renowned … Continue reading

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Planting a peach tree

The tree has those limp leaves of a peach, curving down like little crescent moons. We got it at Hartke’s, a local independent nursery, so it should do well here if we can keep the squirrels, starlings, and common grackles … Continue reading

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