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Did you miss the Riverfront Times Iron Fork event?

Food, great food, from all of the best restaurants in St. Louis and across the river, organized by the Riverfront Times. In all, 38 restaurants if the page is to be believed. We took the Metro to the Union Station … Continue reading

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Boy scouts, do something good, don’t just beg

The laziest form of charity is taking something from someone else and then giving it to the needy. There is a little effort in gathering, but most charities make better use of money than of dented cans and expired macaroni … Continue reading

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Halloween in St. Louis is for the jokes

Did you know the children tell jokes? Can you believe this was our third Halloween here already, although last year I was in Finland? The jokes the children tell are not good jokes.  Here are a few.   Why do … Continue reading

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The other St. Louis art fair

Last year we rode our bikes to the main art fair, held in Clayton. We walked past block after block of garish or gripping, metal, canvas, paint, wood, and cloth art. We did not buy the three dollar water sold … Continue reading

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King Lear, St. Louis Actor’s Studio, and Machiavelli’s The Prince

Power is so important that you should not relinquish all of it even to your children, King Lear so potently teaches. The ancient themes of loyalty and friendship, truth told in the guise of a joke, the corrupting power of … Continue reading

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Crocuses and witch hazel at the Missouri Botanical Garden

  Most of the last snowfall has melted. The skies are gray, white, or blue.  Nearly everything else is some tone of brown or tan. But it is worth getting outside, perhaps at the Missouri Botanical Gardens where the crocuses … Continue reading

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Have you been sledding on Art Hill yet?

Screaming down the hill, flying up over the smallest bumps, spinning around out of control, then crashing into the hay bales at the bottom that keep you from going into the lake. If you haven’t sledded on Art Hill, you … Continue reading

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