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The gentle touch of yoga

Do you start your day agitated by what you have heard on the radio, or calmed by the measured sound of your own breath? That breath will be with you all day long, waiting for you to return to its … Continue reading

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Did you miss the Riverfront Times Iron Fork event?

Food, great food, from all of the best restaurants in St. Louis and across the river, organized by the Riverfront Times. In all, 38 restaurants if the page is to be believed. We took the Metro to the Union Station … Continue reading

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The Ride down Mount Morgan, worth seeing at the Gaslight Theater after dinner at WEGAP

My vote for the coziest place in St. Louis is the West End Grill and Pub, followed by theater next door if the St. Louis Actor’s Studio is playing, as it was tonight in the show that just opened, The … Continue reading

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Table, a restaurant serving food, heavily salted

Did you ever go to a restaurant in the evening and find that the next morning you had gained three pounds? Guess what? You didn’t. You simply are salt overloaded and carrying around the water it retains. Your weight will … Continue reading

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Lab hike at Cuivre River State Park

    Are your best friends in your lab group? Are there lots of friendships and activities in the group? If so, it sure makes all that pipetting go more smoothly, not to mention struggling with R or finding true significance … Continue reading

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Halloween in St. Louis is for the jokes

Did you know the children tell jokes? Can you believe this was our third Halloween here already, although last year I was in Finland? The jokes the children tell are not good jokes.  Here are a few.   Why do … Continue reading

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A bald eagle at Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park

We didn’t have time to go far, so a mile and a half loop above the Meramec River just off 270 and 44 sounded perfect. It wasn’t so easy to get to since we had to loop east on 44 … Continue reading

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